Evidence Shows Print Continues to Resonate with Customers

"...the most intriguing of mysteries is how and why print-is-dead themes persist in spite of evidence to the contrary, particularly in emerging markets." 

That is really an interesting quote isn't in? Time and time again we see evidence of the value of print in communication. That's not to underestimate the value of digital media. It is also important and valuable. The key is the recognition that while printed communication and methods are changing, they're not disappearing. In fact, they are proving their value over and over.

"The story of the death of print is now almost as old as print itself, or at least that is how it feels for those in the print industry that have survived and even thrived through countless premature time-of-death declarations over the past few decades."

How often have you heard the term that print is dead? It's been bandied around for years and years, yet the industry remains remarkably resilient. Not only that, printed communication continues to be an integral part of communications strategies.

Why is that?

The bottom line is that it works. For example, retailers continue to print catalogues and brochures by the millions... because they work.

If you're thinking about how to get your message to resonate with your audience then I think you'll enjoy this article. The quotes above are from it, along with plenty of other useful pieces of info.

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