Why Marketers Choose Print. Reason #9

In today's media and marketing landscape buyers and consumers are bombarded with more complexity than ever.  In this video Daniel Dejan, Print & Creative Manager at Sappi Etc discusses some of the neuroscience behind touch and how it increases how we value something. Very relevant for businesses who are trying to communicate their value to customers.

“At our very core, we are a tactile species,” declares Daniel Dejan, Print & Creative Manager at Sappi Etc. “Our sense of touch is highly developed, and we seek that tactile experience. We need it.” 

In fact, the neuroscience of touch has proven that as soon as we touch something–such as a print piece–we begin to feel differently about it. We value it more.

“If done well,” Dejan explains, “such as with special effects and excellent paper, print is very meaningful to us. It can even become a treasure.”

Click on the image above, or see the video here. It is reason #9 of Why Marketers Choose Print from Chooseprint.org.

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