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Dealing with Urgent Training Manuals

We have found over the years that sometimes training sessions can be oversubscribed and clients do not have much time to produce the appropriate collateral for their courses. This can add additional pressure to an already time-sensitive activity.

It's time like this that having a comprehensive in-house production facility here in Brisbane has allowed us to turn their jobs around fast. It also meant our team could supervise the entire printing process and maintain quality controls.

The main takeaway from this is that it is critical to be trusted by clients over the long term. And we build that trust by delivering on commitments.

Here are some examples of training and workshop manuals that we have produced over the years. These products continue to be key area of growth in our business on the back of our great track record.

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TED's Secret to Great Public Speaking

Many of us regularly speak to various groups of people in our work life. Whether that's speaking to staff and/or clients, or delivering a training course or presentation. And for most people, it is something they would like to do better.

In the video below TED Curator Chris Anderson shares his ideas about what all the great TED Talks have in common. It is a fascinating look into how to communicate with groups.

Click on the image above or check out the video here.

We have great capability to support trainers and training providers such as training manuals and promotional products.

Contact us today about how we can help you achieve your goals - just like we have for thousands of customers throughout Brisbane for over 25 years.


Why is digital printing more popular than ever?

If you have dealt with a printer before, you have probably heard the term CMYK. But what does it actually mean?

CMYK is an acronym for 4 different colours; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The video below is a light-hearted look at how these 4 colours are used to produce full-colour results.

Digital printing is a way of delivering high-quality CMYK (full colour) results with great value. And digital printing technology is so advanced that the quality is remarkable. It is no wonder that digital printing is so popular with marketing campaigns, corporate events and training programs these days.

If you have any questions about the printing process and how using digital printing can deliver great value on high quality print jobs, just reach out to us. We’re happy to help.

Employee Turnover and The Value of Training Manuals

This is an interesting article we found on the value of training manuals in enabling business continuity during periods of high turnover. Well worth a read.

High Turnover? The Training Manual Fills the Void, by Michael Berry

Michael writes;

Replacing a qualified and dedicated worker can be expensive and time consuming. It often takes time, loss production revenue and overtime by other employees to fill the void.  As time passes, the manager's dilemma is focused on training and developing a new employee into a top performing worker.  If you are lucky enough during the hiring process to find a qualified employee to fill the void the problem will be solved.  If not, the company must rely on established training methods to achieve future success. Your rate of employee turnover determines the degree of your possible dilemma. Here is a few points to consider.

The training manual is an essential tool in the technical environment to fill the void and keep continuity.

Evaluating your current training process begins with outlining your current procedures and processes.  A good question is "If a man was walking down the street and you handed him your training manual could he do the job?"  Could he build the product from the reference material? This is essential to the evaluation process. 

In manufacturing, the loss of an assembly line worker can create turmoil.  The manager must rely on past established employee experience and cross training to achieve success.  The assembly line is a step by step process, removing an essential piece can crumble or inhibit overall productivity. It doesn't stop the production process. The product must meet deadline. This is why the well written and detailed technical manual can eliminate voids and downtime. It also creates a building block to the cross training process.  It is an essential management tool and a daily reference tool for every employee involved in the process.

Finally, outlining your process is essential to success.  Identifying outliers and determining if your current process is linear are keys to success.  Your goal is to properly Identify gaps and weak points in the system. This will strengthen the overall assembly process. It all begins with rewriting after your evaluation.

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