Shattering Myths Around Marketing in a Digital World

We have written before around how print continues to show reliance in a digital world. The evidence from on-the-ground campaigns is also supported by academic research. The article below captures this well in describing the evidence as, "verifying that the physical nature of print elicits an emotional connection and creates a deeper impression in the brain than something non-physical, like a digital message."

It goes on to bust myths around millennials and how they consume media. The three key myths it discusses are:

  • Myth No. 1: Millennials Ignore Print
  • Myth No. 2: Millennials Only Engage in a Digital Environment
  • Myth No. 3: Millennials Spend Carelessly

Certainly, if you are in marketing and considering the mix of media for connecting with your audience, it is important to think about the emotional connection and impression you want to make. Including print has been proven help and continues to be a great option.

Check out the full article at Target Marketing Mag.

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